Possession of a shape with dimension

23 March 2011, 30 Jan. 2015

With the coming of ISO 15926-3 ideas about shapes and dimensions develop in a direction that deviates from the data model of Part 2.

For an analysis diagram for a shape with dimension, possessed by a temporal part of a physical object, see the diagram below.


  1. The temporal part of MPO-439112 called MPO-439112-20070814T174700Z,
  2. is classified with the instance of Circle 'A'
  3. That circle 'A' has a shape dimension Radius  'C'
  4. That shape dimension is related to an instance of Property Length 'E'
  5. That property 'E' is quantified, using a Millimeter scale, with an instance of RealNumber 'G'
  6. That real number 'G' is defined with an instance of ExpressReal XR_5, that has a content of '5'


Below is a representation in template format: