How to define a MultidimensionalInformationRepresentation?

25 Feb. 2011, rev. 19 March 2011


In ISO 15926-5 you can find two rather esoteric entity types, the ClassOfMultidimensionalObject and the MultidimensionalObject. These are discussed in a separate topic. In this topic I'll try to give an explanation of one of the derivatives, that is not a part of Part 2: the MultidimensionalInformationRepresentation.

Part 2 would have defined it as follows:

A MultidimensionalInformationRepresentation is a ClassOfInformationRepresentation and a MultidimensionalObject.

EXAMPLE {1.0, 2.1, 5.4}  defines a MultidimensionalNumber.

EXPRESS specification:

ENTITY multidimensional_information_representation  

    SUBTYPE OF (class_of_information_representation, multidimensional_object);  




In our example of a multidimensional property Q-H POINT we already discovered the need to quantify both properties, with {90.8,4.2}.

For this we need an instance of MultidimensionalInformationRepresentation. For the time being that will be a Part 4 class, that is an instance of both class_of_information_representation and multidimensional_object.


MultidimensionalInformationRepresentation defines the numerical values of our Q-H Point

In template format this looks like this: