Installing a materialized physical object in a function place

5 Dec. 2010, rev. 11 Feb. 2011, 19 March 2011, 22 July 2011, 28 July 2011, 29 July 2011, 10 August 2011


As discussed in another topic we design a "functional unit" alias "function place", represented by an instance of FunctionalPhysicalObject. Then we acquire one or more instances of MaterializedPhysicalObject, and install them in the function place. In the schema below the function place is a pump P-101.

This model is a continuation of the model in which we define the Process Tag P24 for which Design Tag P-101 is the Technical Solution. Click on the yellow marked objects to get to that Process Tag P24.


The template model for that is (see mnemonics for their meaning):

Below this model has been decomposed into chunks that are explained.

  1. We specify the pump function P-101 that is required as per Pump Specification:

  1. We go out for quotation and select the pump that satisfies the requirements of the pump specification:

    With COIPO-34900 we can put on record that the pump class ACME Model 123456 is suitable for the class that defines the requirements for P-101. This is very useful, because whenever the individual pump with serial number 654321 would fail, we can immediately find a replacement, that can be:

    • a spare member of the class ACME Model 123456 that is in the warehouse
    • another member of the class ACME Model 123456 that is installed at a less critical place and could be de-installed and used
    • a pump of a competing supplier who lost the order, but whose pump also satisfies the requirements.

  1. We now install our pump at the function place P-101:

  1. The date-time is left out of the diagram, because it would clutter it too much. For each of the Individuals the following diagram applies:

  1. Putting everything together we get the earlier-shown schema.

Please note that when the specification for the pump goes to rev.2, we get a new temporal part of J-1 with revised requirements.

It may happen then that the installed pump no longer satisfies the requirements, and will have to be replaced.

  1. Now we have to ask ourselves where to put the pump-related information, such as:
    • its position, in terms of XYZ-coordinates
    • its mass (weight) of 254 kg
    • its connection to the adjacent pipe

    This is shown in the following schema:

Actually temporal parts of the pump and pipe are involved in the connection (not shown here).

Installing a President

This model is also applicable for the installation of a person in the function place "President of the United States of America". The slogan "John Smith for President" is a possible future instance of US CITIZEN WHO CAN FUNCTION AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

Schema for installing a US President without reference to the network of the US Government