ISO 15926 Data Modeling Topics

author Hans Teijgeler /  latest revision on 10 Feb. 2015


I worked on AP221 and ISO 15926 from 1992 onwards.

This website is to help you understand how application models can be made on the basis of ISO 15926-2 entity types and ISO 15926-4 reference data. You will notice that it all boils down to some kind of Data Lego, from which you can build about anything (even nonsense :))  ).

On the website you can find a Forum, template specifications, and other stuff that may interest you.

In case you disagree with what I wrote (and that is very well possible, I'm human and make mistakes), then please send me an e-mail.


Please see


Here you can find 186 base templates. These still must be approved.

Mapping example

Here you can find a complete mapping of a Line List.


Until now I have made the following contributions:









































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