How to populate an EnumeratedPropertySet?

latest update 24 Febr. 2015

The way to populate an instance of EnumeratedPropertySet is shown in the diagram below


Population of an EnumeratedPropertySet

The cardinalities tell us that:

  • C4321 must be the 'classifier' in two member relationships of the ClassOfClassification
  • C5432 and C6543 may only be once the 'classified' in those two relationships.

Part 2 tells us:

An EnumeratedPropertySet is a ClassOfProperty and an EnumeratedSetOfClass whose members are an enumerated set of properties of the same SinglePropertyDimension or MultidimensionalPropertySpace.

EXAMPLE {115 Volt, 240 Volt} is an example of an EnumeratedPropertySet.

EXPRESS specification

    ENTITY enumerated_property_set  

        SUBTYPE OF (class_of_property, enumerated_set_of_class);  


The sequence of the enumerated classes in the set is random.

Set of MultidimensionalPropertySpace

An instance of EnumeratedPropertySet can also exist of members of an enumerated set of instances of MultidimensionalPropertySpace. Example: {{Q1,Q2,Q3}{H1,H2,H3}}, defining three points on a QH-curve of a pump.