latest update 20 April 2013


This topic deals with the context in which something happens to a possible individual.


When something happens to an individual that is happening to a temporal part of that individual.

We have a plethora of templates for temporal part of a possible individual. These templates do not include this context option. There are two possibilities for using context:

  1. Double the number of template classes
  2. Adding this aspect to existing instances of templates for temporal part of a possible individual.

Option 2 requires some clarification. It works similar to the use of the template EndingOfIndividual, in that we have to search for the ID of the temporal part we want to end, on the basis of the information we have, so the ID of the temporal whole, the date-time and the template class ID.

In this case we can do the same, but instead of ending the temporal part, we create an instance of a template called PlacingATemporalPartInAContext:

thereby using the IDs of items #1 and #2 that were playing a role in the original template-without-context.