Containment of one individual in another

July 2010, rev. 10 Dec. 2010, rev. 21 March 2011, rev. 1 April 2011, rev. 5 Febr. 2012


Looking around you you can see zillions of examples of individuals contained by other individuals, such as:

  • beer in a glass,
  • water in a pipe or vessel,
  • John in a room
  • myPump in the (spatial location of) refinery
  • (Activity) 'Site Survey #23' in (SpatialLocation) 'Site No. 11'

The little model for that, in template format, is:

Template for an instance of ClassOfContainmentOfIndividual

Template for an instance of ContainmentOfIndividual

Analysis diagram

The analysis diagram for the above case is as follows.