Sharing and consolidating of lifecycle information

10 May 2012


This topic is to describe a possible configuration of fašades, that allows for information sharing and consolidation.


Work in Progress

Information related to work in progress stays where it is until that work is considered to be finished. Then the templates are handed over to the next higher level. They stay there until it is safe to hand them over to the next higher level, etc.

Thanks to the atomic nature of the templates in a distributed database environment all information, in as far accessible (see below), is allways integrated.

Access Rights

It seems reasonable to put forward the following generic rules:

Workers in a group may have access to

  • all application-level fašades in their group,
  • all group fašades in their project,
  • all (sub)project fašades related to the plant they work on (e.g. in cases of Joint Ventures),

IFF they have explicit access rights on a need-to-know basis.

Note - Other hierarchies are obviously possible, this is just an example.